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Growers Lunch 2021

by Lillie Elizabeth on

On Tuesday 17th August we hosted our annual Growers Lunch. Once a year, prior to harvest, we like to get as many of our fruit growers together as possible...

Orchard Update June 2021

by Lillie Elizabeth on

This blossom season in Herefordshire has been rather unusual. Firstly, this Spring the weather has not been very good: a lot of rain, cool temperatures and, at times,...

Apples for Autumn - Herefordshire Cider Circuits

by Melanie Cheeseman on

Every October Visit Herefordshire run a campaign, #ApplesforAutumn, to celebrate Herefordshire's perfect soils and weather to grow the finest apples in the world. We have been involved in their Herefordshire Cider...

40 Years of Pressing Organic Cider Apples!

by Master Account on

Autumn 2020 marked forty years since Ivor and Susie pressed the first traditional varieties of unsprayed cider apples delivered in 25kg sacks from small, local farms to Hays Head, Pembridge....

Richard Fleming Beekeeper of Dunkertons Orchard Bees

by Dunkertons Admin on

When you buy the honey from Dunkertons’ Cheltenham or Pembridge shops it is Herefordshire beekeeper Richard Fleming who cares for the bee hives that produced it.

“Single” Variety is the Spice of Life!

by Dunkertons Shop on

Around the year 1890, in Monmouthshire, a chap by the name of George Breakwell, discovered a new cider apple variety, which he named Breakwell’s Seedling. He was so...

People's Trust for Endangered Species

by Dunkertons Admin on

In traditional orchards people and nature meet unlike in any other place. We are working to halt the decline and improve the prospects of this habitat into the...

The People’s Trust for Endangered Species

by Dunkertons Admin on

At Dunkertons we proudly support the People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES.) The PTES are an incredible charity who help to conserve endangered species across the world. They...

2017 Harvest Season Starting Soon

by Dunkertons Admin on

The harvest season is nearly upon us! It’s a crucial time of year for Dunkertons and our family of fruit growers. We need to ensure that all the apples...

Help Save Our Bees

by Dunkertons Admin on

Help save our bees! Pesticides called ‘neonicotinoids’ are contaminating plants from root to stem to flower to fruit. The growing plant absorbs the chemicals from the pesticide into...