The harvest season is nearly upon us! It’s a crucial time of year for Dunkertons and our family of fruit growers. We need to ensure that all the apples are harvested to a high standard to enable us to make the finest organic cider and perry.

Cider making in the UK has an extensive history dating back to the 13th century. However not until the 16th and 17th century did apple orchards begin to be extensively planted in Herefordshire. Dunkertons, founded in 1980, proudly continued the legacy of Herefordshire cider.

At Dunkertons Cider we aim to make every single one of our products bursting with unique flavours. All our cider apples and perry pears have been chosen because of their distinctive characteristics.

As soon as the apples and pears are ripe which is normally from September onwards, the fruit is harvested and sent to our cidery for pressing.  The fruit is washed, milled to a pulp, and then pressed in a belt press. The juice is pumped to shining stainless steel vats and left to ferment slowly which creates more interesting flavours. Our tasting and hand blending carries on throughout the year until we decide the cider or perry is ready for use. The length of time can vary each year; some years this process takes a matter of a few months and other years it can take much longer than 6 months.

Once we are happy with the final taste we capture the magic of the unique flavours in a range of ciders including single varieties and blends that have won us numerous awards over the years.

All our varieties of cider are available to buy from our online shop.