Around the year 1890, in Monmouthshire, a chap by the name of George Breakwell, discovered a new cider apple variety, which he named Breakwell’s Seedling. He was so taken by this variety, that he encouraged the planting of it around Herefordshire and to our delight, we found we had a number of these trees in our Pembridge orchards.

The Breakwell’s Seedling is an early ripening cider apple variety and grows on vigorous trees that shows luxurious dark green foliage. The resulting fruit tends to be small to medium in size, with a skin that is red striped, and it has a white flesh. In early September, when the Breakwell’s Seedling apples are ripening, the air is full of their wonderful, intense perfume.

This is a medium bitter sharp variety that produces a cider which stands up so well on its own, that at Dunkertons, we don’t use it in a blend, we produce it as a single variety instead.

Dunkertons Breakwell Seedling is a sublime cider with full-on apple flavour. Some have commented on an almost Russet apple-like powdery flesh sensation in the mouth, before a burst of apple sweetness comes through, followed by a lovely crisp dry finish. This is a delicious medium-dry cider, where, every mouthful is both complex and enticing.

We sell this delightful cider in both sparkling and still form, both of which, can be purchased from either of our shops, where you are most welcome to visit to try it yourself!

When matching food with the Breakwell’s Seedling, try it with slow cooked Ham hock, Toad in the Hole, Pork chops and Ham & Pineapple Pizza! It also makes a great accompaniment with a traditional Ploughman’s with a medium to strong Cheddar.

At our Cheltenham shop, our staff can help not only, to introduce you to our amazing award-winning ciders and Perry, we can also suggest types of food to enjoy with your drink choices. We also carry a lovely selection of organic cheese and organic charcuterie to entice those taste-buds, for when you are enjoying your cider or Perry, so why not visit us soon, say hello and let our team introduce you to some new taste sensations!