In traditional orchards people and nature meet unlike in any other place. We are working to halt the decline and improve the prospects of this habitat into the future PTES, 2019.

Dormouse Program

We were extremely pleased to welcome Jill, and Carly, from PTES to our Cheltenham Cidery recently. The PTES are a wonderful charity who work hard to help conserve endangered species across the world. They have been saving our precious wildlife since 1977 and continue to do incredible things for our planet. PTES truly work hard at helping our wildlife from dormouse box deliveries which give the lovely dormice a home, to giving advice on sustainable orchards - something we are committed to also doing particularly as our organic orchards are a favourite haunt of the elusive Black Fox.

PTES at Dunkertons Cider

Please visit PTES to see how you can get involved too. Dunkertons are exceptionally passionate about supporting PTES, and there’s nothing more we’d like to see than for the support for PTES to grow.

We had a wonderful time being able to discuss sustainable orchards, animal conservation, and much more. By having Jill and Carly come down and meet with us, we could start a plan of action and look at how we can support their other initiatives.  Ideas were shared between us all whilst enjoying a bite to eat, and we have come up with some lovely ways to support PTES in a greater capacity which is fantastic.