For many, the first month of the year is spent “dry” as people decide to forgo consumption of all alcohol beverages and at Dunkertons, we get it…we really do, however, for us, Dry January can mean only one thing (in moderation of course!) It is a time to enjoy our Organic Dry Cider!

Our Dry cider is very special, as it is made from traditional English cider apple varieties such as, Sheep’s Nose, Foxwhelp, Brown Snout and Yarlington Mill.

These are fermented separately and then we take the very best and ready of each and blend them together to create this deliciously crisp, refreshing, dry cider. The way cider should be made, with care, time and attention to the finer things, such as ensuring our Dry cider is deep with the flavour of apples.

One of the apple varieties used in the creation of our Dry Cider, is the Foxwhelp, one of England’s oldest surviving apple varieties, it is said to have originated in Herefordshire. It is a “bitter sharp” variety, containing high levels of tannin and malic acid. Unusual for a cider apple, it has a distinct red tinge to the flesh. The cider it produces can be of high alcohol content and is often used to add strength to blended ciders. However, for Dunkertons, it's always about flavour and the Foxwhelp helps to create a real, deep flavour of apples.

The Sheep’s Nose variety is just as the name suggests…it is shaped like that of a sheep’s nose! Another old variety that is hardy and quite often, a heavy cropper. Its yellowish flesh, produces a juice that has a good acidic content. This is why, it can also be found in traditional apple pies and other baked apple deserts, but we use it as a cider apple of course!

Said to have originated in Herefordshire in the middle of the 19th century, the Brown Snout apple variety, is another hardy apple that is known as a “bittersweet” and produces juice that is high in tannin yet low in malic acid. It is therefore, a perfect apple to use in our Dry blend, to bring out more apple flavour without too much acid.

Yarlington Mill offers a medium bittersweet variety that just adds oodles of flavour to our Dry blend. Originating from Somerset, this apple gives a lovely aroma and creamy finish when its juice is fermented. It brings the smoothness to our Dry blend.

Try it with one of our organic cheeses that we sell in our Cheltenham shop….maybe, as it is January, with thoughts turning to healthy food, with the delightful, light Greek style cheese from local producer, Simon Weaver?

If you need any further persuading to try our organic dry Cider, why not pop along to our Cheltenham shop for a free tasting?

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