Ever since ancient times, rural communities have told stories of unusual and fantastic creatures. Some have been true, some have been partly true, and others have been the fantasies of the storytellers themselves. However, all can create an amazing hold over the imagination and within the rolling lush green hills of Herefordshire, there are stories of an animal that has evaded capture by both farmer and huntsmen alike…a Black Fox

The more common Red Fox has always been known for being cunning and ingenious, however, the Black Fox is said to be even more ingenious, more cunning, sneaky even and extremely fast! How many times has a farmer been awoken by the screeches coming from the chicken pen, only to dash out and find nothing, not even a sign of anything untoward?

A favoured haunt of this infamous Black Fox is said to be the cider orchard. Many times, the Black Fox has been hunted to the edge of an orchard, where the huntsmen are reluctant to enter due to the low hanging, heavily-burdened branches of the apple trees. Whilst their hounds searched aimlessly amongst the trees, the Black Fox would be secure in the knowledge he would not be found. (As the fox benefitted from the security of the orchard, it is said to bestow good fortune upon the orchard with an abundant crop!)

Another association between the Black Fox and the Cider Orchard, is the vivid red colour of its eyes. When a farmer goes looking for the cause of a noise in the orchard, using his flashlight, it is wondered how many times he is spotting the glistening bedewed red apples or are those the eyes of the infamous beguiling Black Fox?

So, be careful as you walk at night, who’s to say the movement which caught your eye as you glanced behind you, wasn’t the celebrated Black Fox!

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