Sought after, revered, hailed by some to be the epitome of ciders, the King of Ciders that we know as Kingston Black!

There are many, many traditional cider apple varieties in England, some of which are as old as the hills, but none conjure up as much interest as the Kingston Black, also known as the Taunton Black.

Cited as perhaps the oldest English Cider Apple, the Kingston Black originates from Somerset but is now grown in many other English orchards. Known as a biennial tree, there can be years where the is no Kingston Black cider available anywhere! In fact, at Dunkertons, we have not had any available for over two years!

The cider itself, is a lip-smacking, full-bodied, deep flavoured, strong drink! It is unlike any other cider you will have ever tasted. Very complex with lots and lots of strong apple flavours coming through on the palate yet giving off a decidedly floral afternote in the aroma. There is so much going on with this cider!

We have already alluded to the rarity of this very special cider, so rare in fact, that at Dunkertons, we only have 3,500 litres, which may sound a lot to some, however, in the scale of things, it really is a very small amount. We have both sparkling and still versions available in our Cheltenham shop now, but don’t expect our stocks to last long, cider lovers everywhere have been getting quite excited at the prospect of finally getting their hands on this, The King of Ciders!

To guarantee yourself a bottle or two, get down to our new Cheltenham shop very, very soon, situated at Dowdeswell Park, London Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, GL52 6UT. 

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