From Monday the 15th to Friday the 19th of July we welcomed Seb from Balcharras School to do work experience with us....

My Work Experience Week at Dunkertons Cider

My week at Dunkertons Cider was a valuable and exciting experience. I was able to assist the team in a wide variety of tasks that ranged from fulfilling online orders to fast paced packing at the end of the bottling line. I really enjoyed the bottling because it was fun and a real challenge to work fast enough so as not to drown in advancing bottles. The production team at Dunkertons are super friendly and can have fun whilst still doing their jobs.

For other people in my year work experience was an apathetic drag but I can’t say the same for Dunkertons: It was great! I’m leaving this week inspired and enthralled and I’m very sad to be going, so I hope I will be able to come back and work here in my holidays!

- By Seb

Seb was a joy to work with and the whole team were extremely impressed with his work ethic and diligence, thank you so much Seb!

From left to right: Sam, Jack, Nick, Luc, Seb.

Seb with the our Production Team! (From left to right: Sam, Jack, Nick, Luc, Seb)