5, 4, 3, 2, 1..….We Have Launch!

Just 10 days before the world celebrated those now infamous words, “One giant leap for mankind”, Dunkertons Cider celebrated our own big leap, with the launch of our brand-new bottle labels!

Thursday 11th July, Time 08:15hrs

Task Force Shop Refit sprang into action. The mission? To completely empty the shop and then restock it with our newly branded stock. Mission deadline: 17:00hrs ready for the official press launch scheduled to commence at 18:00hrs.

It was a day where the entire team at Dunkertons Cider came together to get the job done! From our admin team to our production team, everyone got involved in the task with near military precision! We had old stock going out the front door, whilst the new stock came through the back door.

It was a good thing our Finance team not only got involved in carrying out the boxes of old stock, in a timely fashion when our energy levels were low, they magically appeared with several doughnuts to share out and raise our depleting energy levels.

When not wheeling in our new stock, the production lads were busy getting the new labels onto our Vintage cider, ready for the shelves. Everyone was busy throughout the day.


Time 15:00hrs 

Just two hours to go, yikes! It really looked like we were going to run out of time as we still had 3 podiums to restock. However, after a 10-minute break and one of our shop staff members, pulling out a delicious apple and cinnamon cake, our energy levels were re-energised for the final push and we managed to get everything done by 17:00hrs. Standing back to look at what we achieved, was nothing short of stunning. Our new labels have given our beautiful shop in Cheltenham, a new look. Another big feature of the evening’s event was the launch of our first ever canned cider….the Craft display is the one that hits you as you walk in the front door, featuring an amazing, vibrant display of these new cans, surrounded by the new bottles of sparkling Craft cider.

Time 18:00hrs 

With Ronnie Bonetti, Executive Head Chef from The Lucky Onion Group preparing his amazing canapes and with our sales team (Andy and Oli) getting behind the bar outside (where else would you find them? ) to serve our VIP guests with glasses of our new Craft cider, our official press launch commenced. We also served some delicious, light cocktails showing how versatile our drinks are, as these were made using our Perry and topped off with Elderflower cordial and sprigs of fresh mint. They really proved popular on the night.

Meanwhile, our shop team were busy showing our guests round the new layout and explaining the new cyclops labels that help to describe the ciders. We are the first cider company to add a guide to the levels of sweetness, acidity and tannins in each bottle. A hit with our guests as it helped then narrow down their choice to taste before picking their favourite!

Time 20:00hrs

Press launch finishes

What a day and what an evening! In our own way, Dunkertons Cider made our own historic leap on July 11th 2019 as it has been 30 years with our original branding, so although really excited, we still had a few nerves about how it would be accepted.

The response has been nothing short of spectacular. Both press and customers have been telling us how much they like the new labels, with Craft being most people’s favourite, especially in the textured can! My personal favourite, however, is the new Court Royal label with its rather regal look…. but what is your favourite?

To come and see the new look for yourself and to pick your new favourite, why not pop into our Cheltenham shop open 10 – 6 Mon to Thurs and Sat, 10 – 7:30 Friday, 10 – 5 on Sunday. Located at the easy to park, Dowdeswell Park, London Road, Cheltenham GL52 6UT


To anyone living a little further away all new ciders with our all new labels, including Craft bottles and cans, are available to buy from our online shop.