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Just had to tell you, sitting here drinking a bottle of Black Fox and thinking “This is the best cider in the world bar none”!

I used to come and buy from the shop when visiting my mate who lived just up the road, next to Sandy Owens. Now he has moved I buy it from Waitrose, bit of a game getting to Waitrose as they open Saturday morning and clear the shelf, if I don’t someone else always does. It’s the only one to be sold out every day.

Just love the stuff!

Dunkertons Dry Organic is a cider that you simply can’t refuse. Gently sparkling and slightly hazy it takes your tastebuds on a wonderful journey. First the tannins and bittersweet apples are taking you by surprise to then gently make way for a more bittersharp taste that stays with you forever…. until you take another sip 🙂 And above it all, the flavour is unmistakable Dunkertons. The dry cider to rule them all.


I have always loved Dunkertons cider but had never tried any other than the Premium, but last night I tried the Black Fox  and will be buying it again very soon. Fantastic cider, not too sweet or dry and a lovely fizz that’s not overpowering. A must try cider for any cider lover.


You make wonderful cider. Being a loving admirer of your Organic Dry (sold by friends of mine in a lunchroom/cafe in Amsterdam), today I bought, and am now drinking your vintage 30 years celebration. So lovely! Now please don’t be offended when I compare it to my experiences with really good Breton or Normandic dry ciders. That is where I taste a vibrant connection, very much more than with the Dry you offer, which is much drier than any ‘Brut’ I have tasted. I just returned from Fontainebleau and even there excellent French produce can be had. So I am happy we have some very forward (and luckily backward, haha!) thinking importers in The Netherlands, so we all can enjoy the fruits of your mastery of an ancient craft.


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