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Orchard Origins Herefordshire Volunteers Welcome

Orchard Origins Herefordshire – volunteers always wanted

Orchard Origins became a Community Interest Company owned by the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust.  They are a social enterprise committed to preserving traditional orchards and their rich biodiversity.  They manage and support the orchards aiming to help these important wildlife habitats survive and thrive.

Orchard Origins Environmental Aims

 Herefordshire has more traditional orchards than any other county, but like orchards everywhere they are constantly under threat from housing development, intensive farming methods and neglect. Traditional orchards provide an important refuge for a wide range of wildlife including a number of species that are conservation priorities such as the lesser-spotted woodpecker, dormouse, noble chafer beetle, and the mistletoe marble moth.  In 2007, they were designated as a priority habitat in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan.  Orchard Origins environmental aim is to help conserve vulnerable habitats for the long-term by providing orchard maintenance service, skills training and education.

Orchard Origins Social Aims

Supporting people to be active outdoors benefits their mental well-being.  Orchard Origins works with volunteers from all backgrounds, but it actively encourages and supports people who have mental health issues.

Orchard OriginsWorking with Herefordshire Mind, the charity for better mental health, Orchard Origins has been training volunteers in different aspects of orchard management.  Each week the team put what they have learnt into practice in the orchards.

Preserving Orchards

Orchard Origins works in a number of different orchards across Herefordshire including; Herefordshire Nature Trust reserve orchards, Houghton project orchard, and, privately owned orchards.

Preserving OrchardsThis great organisation is always looking for volunteers to get involved and help them drive the business forward.  There are a number of ways you can help including orchard maintenance, fruit picking and pressing, cider and perry making and marketing and selling activities. Orchard owners can help by donating fruit.

However you choose to get involved, volunteering is a great way to learn new skills, share your own expertise, meet different people, and spend time in the wonderful Herefordshire countryside.

If you would like to volunteer with Orchard Origins or would just like more information you can get in touch by calling Laurence or Julia tel: 01432 356872 or drop them a message by visiting this page.

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