We are now selling cans of our organic Black Fox & Premium Reserve. They are perfect for picnics, parties and barbeques! Shop here

Cases of 12 x 330ml cans:

Available in:

  • Craft (5%)
  • Black Fox (6.8%)
  • Premium (6.8%)
  • Best Sellers Range- mixed pack: 4x Craft, 4x Black Fox, 4x Premium

CRAFT - medium cider (5%)

The newest addition to our range and our new flagship cider. Some things in life take a little more time to get just right and our craft cider has been years in the making to ensure it is worthy of the Dunkertons name. Refreshingly easy drinking but with the classic Dunkertons deep apple flavour and perfect balance of acidity and tannins to deliver a moreish and well-rounded finish. 

BLACK FOX - medium-dry cider (6.8%)

Folklore told of a fox as black as the night that could live in a man's shadow and so never be seen or caught. The Black Fox’s favourite haunt is our cider orchards. Handcrafted with up to 14 different, carefully blended cider apple varieties to deliver a deliciously rounded cider with a lively, tangy finish and light honey hues. 

PREMIUM RESERVE - medium cider (6.8%)

Premium by name and Premium by nature, our premium reserve cider uses champagne yeast and champagne-esque levels of carbonation to further accentuate the rich apple flavours and aromas. Handcrafted with up to 14 carefully blended cider apple varieties to deliver a deliciously fruity flavour and sparkling finish.

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