Meet the founders of Broad Bean

As you may know, at Dunkertons we love to support local businesses and producers. A lovely deli in Ludlow named Broad Bean has been stocking our cider for a while now. Broad Bean has just been shortlisted for the Guild of Fine Foods Shop of the Year awards and are down to the last 11 delicatessens in the country! So, in height of this fantastic news, we wanted to share with you the amazing work they do in Ludlow and a little bit about Alice and Ian themselves.

Tell us a little bit about your business – what is it that you do?
We sell amazingly good food. Our motto is ‘good food’, whether that is local, national or international. Through our shop we sell loose tea and coffee, cheese and deli items, cooking ingredients, ready made products and a whole host of other things in between! We pride ourselves as being a business that local producers want to work with, and both of us are involved in local business groups such as the Ludlow Chamber of Commerce and the Ludlow Women in Rural Enterprise. We strive to give Ludlow and its visitors a good food shopping experience.

Before you started Broad Bean, what is that you both did and why did you change careers?
Ian was a butcher on the Sandringham estate; preparing meat for the Queen when she was in residence in Sandringham. Alice was a deputy head teacher of a special school working with young people with Autism and challenging behaviour. We always wanted to run a shop and we love cooking and eating good food. We wanted to work for ourselves and get back what we put in to our jobs.

It seems that local, artisan, and sustainability is important to you so what inspired you to start your Deli based on these ethics?
We have always been environmentally aware, way back in our childhood we both lived and grew up surrounded by nature, so we work hard to make our business sustainable. We love working with people passionate about their product and there is no one more passionate than small local people making small local batches of a product. We are very interested in old techniques and recipes that have a story, so it was a natural choice to work with local small producers.

If you could be any cheese in the world, what cheese would you be and why?
Ian – I’d be a ripe Brie de Moux, oozing out onto the plate.
Alice – I think I’d be a rich cheese with complex flavours like our Old Amsterdam.

I can see from social media that you attended the local Ludlow Food and Drink Festival, why is using local suppliers so important to you?
A sustainable business is one with a good robust network; working with local suppliers helps us and them achieve that.

What’s your favourite food to enjoy with a cider?
Ian – I enjoy a Court Royal cider with a rich blue cheese like our blue sparkenhoe with some spelt crackers from Peter’s Yard.
Alice – For me, it would be a homemade wheat free macaroni cheese and a mixed salad with a Black Fox.

I noticed from your website that Lola and Martha, your daughters, love cooking. What is their favourite recipe to make and why?

Our eldest loves lemon curd ice cream as it’s so easy (and she loves ice cream!). Our youngest likes helping make anything with wheat free pasta in it!

Thank you for sharing that with us Alice and Ian, and we wish you the very best of luck in Guild of Fine Foods Shop of the Year awards!

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