Introducing Warner Edwards Craft Distillers

Introducing Warner Edwards Craft Distillers finalist number three for the BBC Food and Farming Awards 2015

Introducing_Warner_Edwards_Craft_DistillersW.E. are Warner Edwards craft distillers and great friends who carefully and lovingly create beautiful artisan spirits. Throughout their first two years of distillation they have been globally recognised by winning several top prizes at the world’s biggest spirits competitions.  Most recently winning a double gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

From a 200 year old converted barn on their farm in the quaint village of Harrington, Northamptonshire, their copper pot called Curiosity still works her magic. Named after a rogue cat that left its paw prints in the wet cement of the distillery floor they called their still ‘Curiosity’. As the saying goes…

“Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back”

Curiosity is an Arnold Holstein still, which was bespoke manufactured in Markdorf, Germany. She has a 500 litre pot, with a 4.3m column housing eight bubble plates, a deflegmator and a patented catalyzer apparently!

She takes the farms’ pure, natural spring water, grain spirit, home-grown elderflower, plus ten other secret botanicals, and transforms them into a fantastically smooth and aromatic dry gin.

Each batch is small, and every single bottle is carefully handcrafted  from the filling to the wax seal and label finishing. W.E. think it’s pretty special and best served with friends – a bit like our very own real cider and perry!

You can buy their gin directly from Warner Edwards via their website and you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook

As with Square Root Soda we wish Warner Edwards the very best of luck in the Food and Farming awards 2015.


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