Harp Cottage in beautiful Old Radnor on the Welsh Border

Harp Cottage in beautiful Old Radnor on the Welsh Borders is a customer of ours. The other day they stopped by our Cider Mill to replenish their cider stocks for their delightful self-catering cottage. They have written an article about their visit on their own website which we are sharing with you on this page.


Welcome to our cider shop!

A visit to Dunkertons last week. This is an organic cider company, which is a major concern, supplying lots of local pubs and shops including Waitrose. It is a hard-working, successful modern business, but it is tucked away down slightly overgrown lanes, which wind through their own orchards near Pembridge, about 20 minutes from the Cottage.


Our award winning organic cider and perry in our shop

The best thing about it is the shop, where you can buy bottled ciders and perries but also turn up with a 1.5 litre water bottle, and they will make up a blend for you from their barrels.

The shop is an old, rescued building and seems steeped in cider; the air smells of apples and a kick of alcohol, and the sunlight seems to stagger in and out through the doorways. There is now a cafe at Dunkertons too. It is a great place, friendly and welcoming; one day it will be possible to simply never leave.


The orchards at Dunkertons Cider

You can read more about Harp Cottage by visiting harpcottage.co.uk and you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter @harpcottage

The_cosey_interior_ of_Harp_Cottage

The cozy interior of Harp Cottage


Views across the borders from Harp Cottage


A warm welcome awaits you at Harp Cottage


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