Happy New Year Cheers to all our Customers

Happy New Year CHEERS to all our Customers.  We are back today after a restful festive period and raring to go. Our little cider mill shop reopens at 10am and Penny will be eager to meet and greet you. Don’t forget you can taste before you buy.  Whilst visiting it may be possible to take a stroll around the orchards depending on how water logged they are. Please ask to find out.

We will be posting a review of our year at Dunkertons in 2015 in due course. In the meantime we can tell you that we had a fantastic year which wouldn’t be at all possible without your continued custom and support.

We hope you all have a fruitful and peaceful 2016.


(picture of apple cider champagne from wellplated.com find the recipe here.  Store this recipe for future use – it’s a yummy one!

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