Fruit Pulp

We produce a lot of fruit pulp annually. Sometimes as much as 300 tonnes!

So we wanted to find a sustainable method of disposal for the vast quantity of pulp that we are left with as a result of pressing all our apples and pears.

Fruit PulpFortunately, we are based in a farming county so we didn’t need to look too far afield and luckily for us pigs love apple pulp. Down the road in Ludlow you will find Tudge Meats. Gordon Tudge and his family, farm 300 acres of Herefordshire’s wonderful countryside where they rear free range rare breed Berkshire pigs.

They rear their pigs using traditional farming methods. Old-fashioned pig arks in the fields ensure the pigs have freedom of movement and enjoy a natural existence in the great outdoor.  When the weather is at its worst and the fields turn to mud the pigs are moved into sheds where they live in family groups on beds of warm straw. Fruit Pulp

The Berkshire pigs produce delicious succulent meat, which are cured and smoked on-site with untreated oak wood chips. The sausages they make are a traditional pork sausage with no fancy additions, just a high meat content and a delicious flavour.

The remaining land is laid to grazing pasture and to growing cereals. They also have a small organic orchard which is harvested each year and the cider and perry fruit is sent to a couple of local cider producers including ourselves –which means there is a 360-degree recycling process!Fruit Pulp

We are happy to able to support rural agriculture by giving our pulp to local farmers to ensure that there is no wastage in the production of our cider and perry.  The recycling of the pulp in this way also ensures we dispose of the pulp in a sustainable way – not only do the pigs benefit but mother nature does too!

You can buy the rare breed products from Tudge Meats in four ways:    Fruit Pulp

1:    At Farmers Markets and details on their website here

2:    By Visiting the Farm – please call 01584 831227 or email   to let them know your order.

3:   From Local Village Shops

4:   By Courier: They can deliver our products nationwide with a next day delivery service.

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