Finalists BBC Food & Farming Awards 2015

We would like to introduce you to the other finalists for the BBC Food & Farming Awards 2015 in the Drinks Producer category along with ourselves.  The first finalist we would like you to meet are the soda producers from Hackney: Square Root London.


Square Root Soda Logo

Square Root make soda on site in Hackney, London. Their sodas are all made from fresh ingredients, juiced or infused by hand. They use locally sourced, seasonal ingredients wherever possible and, as the fruit juice they use is fresh, their sodas contain little added sugar and retain their natural fruit flavour.


Range of handmade sodas available

Any sugar that is added is either British grown beet sugar or organic & Fair Trade cane sugar. The fruit they use is all sourced from sustainable farms and from the UK wherever possible.Their soda flavours are seasonal and they have quite a variety on offer.

* Available all year round varieties include: Ginger Beer,  Lemonade, Root Beer, Cola, &, Cascara Club
* Tonic Waters of Cinchona, Artemisia, &, Hop.
* Seasonal flavours include: Citrus Crush, Rhubarb.
* Out of Season flavours are: Cucumber, Elderflower, Raspberry Lemonade, Bergamot, &, Apple.

Their range of seasonal flavours represent what is currently available in the UK growing season and may be subject to change in accordance with our weather! For delivery details visit their website that you can visit for further info as well as following them on Twitter

We wish the team at Square Root Soda  the best of luck in the competition – may the best drinks producer win – CHEERS!


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