Dunkertons Cider's First Logo Ivor and Susie discovered rural Herefordshire when they stayed at Susie’s brother’s cottage in a hamlet in northwest Herefordshire at the end of the 1970s. They were both working in London, but realised that they wanted a different life in Herefordshire. They bought a small holding near Pembridge and, after a couple of years had started the cider company. They wanted their label to be distinct from other cider makers and to represent how they felt about their new home in Herefordshire. A friend and art lecturer in nearby Kington designed this label for them. It was on all the draught cider jars and still cider bottles. Susie told me recently that it represented how Ivor thought of Herefordshire as his "paradise" on earth. - Robert West

Did you know, if you look closely, our organic Vintage cider still references this archival design!