Happy new year cider lovers!

2020 is now upon us and with that comes the ever-growing trend of Dry January. The event where people all over the world decide to detox their bodies of all alcohol for the month of January. At Dunkertons Organic Cider we get it, we really do, however, for us, Dry January can mean only one thing (in moderation of course!) It is a time to enjoy our Organic Dry Cider!

Dry by name and Dry by nature, this cider is one for the more adventurous enthusiast, handcrafted with up to 14 carefully blended traditionally English cider apple varieties with lower levels of sweetness, the result is a beautifully crisp full-bodied cider which is lightly carbonated to deliver a refreshingly dry finish.

We use unique apple varieties such as Sheep’s Nose, Foxwhelp, Brown Snout and Yarlington Mill. These are fermented separately and then we take the very best of each and blend them together to create this deliciously crisp, refreshing, dry cider. The way cider should be made, with care, time and attention to the finer things, such as ensuring our Dry cider is deep with flavour.

Our Dry is delicious when enjoyed alone but also with food. We recommend enjoying with white fish, including traditional fish & chips, or a creamy cheese like an Organic Cotswold Brie. The Cotswold Brie is available to buy (along with our Organic Dry Cider) from our Cheltenham Shop. Opening hours and address found here.

Want to give Dry January the Dunkertons way a go? Our Organic Dry Cider, as well as our full range, is available to buy on our online shop now with free delivery for a limited time only! Order here.