Cider Recommendations

Will on our team is a bit of a foodie in his spare time so we asked him for his cheese and cider recommendations. This is what Will had to say.

Our more tannic ciders and wines (the ones that make your cheeks feel like they are sticking to your teeth) are better suited for pairings with stronger more protein rich cheeses.  These are usually the stronger cheeses like stilton and blues.  In the case of Dunkertons cider I would chose the Dry Organic Sparkling or the Traditional Dry Still cider.  The finish of the cider should mix well with the strong flavours and generally softer textures of the stronger cheeses.

Sharper cheeses with a higher acidity would also pair well with the drier ciders.

For those with a slightly sweeter tooth they might want to try the above cheeses with a Black Fox that should bring a similar finish but will also be slightly sweeter on the tongue.

For creamier soft and smoother cheeses I think that the medium dry Black Fox and the medium sweet Premium Cider would better.Cider Recommendations

In addition to Will’s comments we also received a tweet from a follower who was enjoying a glass of our cider with Stilton made by Colston Bassett and this is  what the tweet said:

@dunkertons Organic ‪#‎cider‬ & @colstonbassett Stilton ‪#‎cheese‬ Match made in heaven

Anyone who wants to recommend matching our cider & perry to any particular cheeses by name or style please get in touch. We would be grateful for your suggestions.

cider reccomendations

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