Cider Production in Herefordshire

We already know that cider production in Herefordshire has been a key industry in the county for the last 350 years and during that period there has been some serious innovation in production methods.



Many notable Herefordshire cider producers have played their part in the development of the cider industry in the UK from multi nationals to small farm producers like us. Certainly the ciders and perries produced in the county have set the standards for both the UK and the International industry.

DSC_0520DSC_0527Back in the day, farmers made cider for their workers, to be drunk throughout the following year, particularly around the time of the busy hay harvest. The demand for cider grew as did the popularity and eventually ciders and perries began to be sold in local pubs and traded across county boarders and further afield as merchants traveled the UK.

Cider Production Herefordshire

Dunkertons Cider has been operating since 1980 so we were thrilled to be asked to join the Rural Media Company’s exciting digital arts project all about the county’s cider heritage from 1945 to the present day. Called ‘Golden Fire’ the new app will guide visitors and locals alike around the county’s cider producers, festivals and growers, telling the rich, contemporary and vivid story of the people, past and present. The project is being put together using archive and exhibition files, photography, interviews, photographs and the historical exhibits held in the Hereford Cider Museum.

Rural Media is asking for volunteers to contribute their stories and memories of Herefordshire cider – from owners and CEOs through to gatherers and pressers. If you’re interested in being involved and want to contribute to the project, please contact Rich Matthews on 01432 344039 or email

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