Over the years Dunkertons has won many awards for their cider and perry. It is always pleasing when our products receive acclaim.
One of the major awards we have is CAMRA’s Pomona Award in 2005. Dunkertons were presented with CAMRA's prestigious POMONA AWARD for their, “tireless work in establishing cider and perry as a premium organic product and for their extensive orcharding work, including recent planting of perry pear trees, an investment for hundreds of years to come.” These reasons are especially gratifying because they recognise the ethos upon which Susie and Ivor Dunkerton founded the company. Organic excellence is all. We were featured in the ‘Hereford Times’ and a photographer came to take a photograph for the article. I was organising the pressing so was covered in apple juice and pulp!
As I write Dunkertons have won another accolade at the Great British Food Awards, 2023. A gold for Dunkertons Organic Vintage awarded by acclaimed chef Raymond Blanc. He described the cider as, “The most interesting tasting, complex and mature cider in the category.”

- Robert West