Best British Bottled Ciders

In honour of National Apple Day last week the Independent newspaper published a feature on the Best British bottled ciders.

Best British Bottled Ciders

Our Award Winning Black Fox

We were thrilled to be included in the list for our award winning Black Fox alongside other Herefordshire real cider producers Olivers Cider and Perry and Once Upon a Tree.

Richard Hood author of the article wrote….

Hand-crafted in Herefordshire, Dunkertons’ skilled cidermakers mix over 30 traditional apple varieties to create this tasty, tannic treat. Just go easy – at 7% abv, this fox packs a potent bite.

Of course we also salute the other producers on the list which reads like a who’s who of those producers making great strides for the real cider movement in the UK.  You can read who made the Best British Bottled Ciders list here

This is the second time this year that our drinks have made it into the Independent. In  April 2015 John Clarke penned an article on the 12 Best Perries so to be recognised for our Black Fox by a  different journalist is simply great.

Best British Bottled Ciders

Our Herefordshire Perry

This is what John wrote about our perry…

A delicate and light organic perry from Herefordshire made using only old English pear varieties with such wonderful names as Merrylegs, Red Horse, Moorcroft, Painted Lady and Thorn. Fragrant and sweet with a vibrant pear aroma and a slight hint of elderflower. Serve slightly chilled.

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