Dunkertons Cider Sign up to Happerley

We are excited to tell you all that Dunkertons Cider signed up to  Happerley  to help create honest provenance in our UK food networks so consumers can ‘Name the Farm’.

Happerley involves likeminded producers, intermediaries, retailers and consumers uniting together.  The critical aim is to connect consumers to the ‘farm’ of origin by providing traceability and provenance directly back to the producer.

Happerley and Dunkertons Cider

We want to make our own supply chain transparent, traceable, with honest provenance; to do that we need our growers to join Happerley for free and be part of our visible trading network. If you are a producer yourself  you can read more about how it works here.


Happerley History

Launched by two farmers in 2015 Happerley connects producers, intermediaries, retailers and consumers, so between them they create visible food and drink networks through shared values. Happerley empowers producers to tell their story of their products and motivates consumers to trace the provenance back to the producer.

producers_image_how_it_works_1The synergy between producer and consumer drives the Happerley network. Farmers and producers will see their margins improve as provenance becomes a premium brand attribute. At the same time consumer confidence in the UK’s food and farming sector will improve as producers pledge their commitment to creating transparent supply chains.

The Benefits Of Joining Happerley view here http://www.happerley.co.uk/producers-info

The Registration Page is here http://www.happerleyfarmed.co.uk/registration/producers

happerley_retailer_how_it_worksHistory and Mission of Happerley is here http://www.happerley.co.uk/our-mission

We are absolutely committed to making Happerley a success and to develop greater transparency and honesty in our UK food networks; together we can make the changes required.

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